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After having received some correspondence with questions about how elements of the IEC 61131-3 virtual machine operations, I have had the idea that there would be value in my spending some time to write some “how to” documents on the development and usage of the IEC 61131-3 virtual machine.  I would envisage that such documents would aid other developers looking in their employ of the IEC 61131-3 virtual machine, providing a clear road-map for such development.

The question remains however, what topics to cover?  At the outset I would envisage the following topics as having merit:

  • Writing IEC 61131-3 virtual machine drivers;
  • Interfacing I/O with IEC 61131-3 virtual machine drivers;
  • Implementing communication protocols;

I wonder though what topics others would like to see me document in this manner?


7 thoughts on “HOWTO Guides

    • It is not a Java byte code that is produced, but a byte code which is specific for the IEC 61131 virtual machine. The alternative would be to compile the IEC 61131 directly to target system machine code – This however would limit the portability of the project and undermine the intent of an embedded platform that implements the IEC 61131 run-time model.

  1. Alexander Bolaños says:

    Hi, i have to say that it looks pretty amazing what you have done.

    I was wondering if you can help me to use what you have developed.

  2. Jacopo Bellucci says:

    Hi ,
    wonderful project ! This was exactly what I was looking for ! (project for a Thesis)

    I’ve a little question:
    Can the VM run into a FPGA somehow?

    • I have not given any consideration as to the implementation or execution of the VM within an FPGA – If this is something that you are considering, I would be quite happy to offer assistance where I can.

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